The Benefit of Physical Activity Before School

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In my practice I treat many children with ADHD – most with the combined type which includes hyperactivity. It is significantly harder for these children to sit still in classrooms. However, in the general population of elementary school children I believe none of these students have enough physical activity during their day. Over the years, kids have been pressured to perform well for stat administered tests and every minute of their days become packed at school. There is simply not enough time for recess. Once children do have recess, the return cognitively and physically refreshed and are better able to focus and learn. So limiting recess time is counterproductive to learning as wll as health. As a child psychologist, I am an advocate for more recess in all elementary grades. Please see the article below for a novel way that some schools have added physical activity to their students; school days and the benefits they are seeing. Get moving!
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The Benefit of Physical Activity Before School
Many are familiar with the notion that it is beneficial for adults to get up and move about during their work day, but can the same be said for children? Children also find themselves spending hours in chairs during school time. Additionally, academic demands have decreased time that children could spend involved in extracurricular activities or outside. Now, researchers are evaluating a before-school physical activity program and its efforts to reduce BMI and strengthen emotional wellness in students from kindergarten to eighth grade.
Michael Schroeder, US News and World Report 3/29/2018
Read Article: US News and World Report

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