Observation of Fear Changes Brain Connectivity

In addition to my private practice I engage in lots of Disaster Response Work. This is the mental health support for persons and communities who are victims of disaster. I work with he American Red Cross supporting victims and volunteers in disaster mental health response. The article below ( while research was conducted on animals) gives scientific credence to the common sense notion that when others suffer, we suffer along with them. Empathy is a human condition and a blessed one. However, it is important to realize that when disaster strikes there are secondary and tertiary victims and you are likely one of them. Remember to take care of your self while you are responding to the stressful events of others.
Dr. Judy
Observation of Fear Changes Brain Connectivity 
PTSD can impact not only the individual who experienced the event, but also those that interact with the person, such as loved ones or caregivers. Research now shows evidence that children who watched September 11 media coverage are more likely to develop PTSD later in life when subjected with adverse events. When neural responses in mice who witnessed trauma in another mouse were examined, it was found that “observational fear physically redistributes the flow of information.”  Tim Newman, Medical News Today  01/08/2017
Read Article: Medical News Today
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