How Does Personality Develop?

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In my practice people often ask how a person acts is “just personality” or can a person change their behavior? The most recent theory of personality suggests that personality is a combination of inborn traits and an inborn need for three things: The need to predict our world, the need to feel competent, and the need to be connected. How a person goes about meeting those basic psychological needs may vary depending on some inborn traits. However, personality as we observe in others is probably a summation on an inborn style of “how” they go about meeting those three basic needs and the extent to which those basic needs have been met in their past. Therefore, when someone has a “bad” personality we can assume that if they learn to better meet those basic needs, their personality will undergo some level of transformation. That’s where therapy comes in!
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How Does Personality Develop?
Questions surrounding personality have been debated for almost as long as psychology has existed. An article in “Psychological Review” examines how personalities develop. what is genetic and what part comes from experiences. The author suggests that personalities develop around basic needs, such as, the need to predict our world, the need to build competence to act on our world, and the need for acceptance from others.
American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association 02/13/2018
Read Article: American Psychological Association

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