Helping Children Get a Good Start to The School Year

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In my practice, I often see children in the Fall who are having a difficult time adjusting to school – either behaviorally, emotionally, or academically. Parents ask me how to help their child cope and achieve more success in school. While there are a number of reasons a child does not have a smooth beginning of the school year, one thing that can help is to talk to your child about their experience from their own perspective. Especially in the beginning of the year parents can ease a child’s adaption to a new classroom, new teachers, and new academic demands by asking a few simple questions conveying that the child’s opinion is valuable and respected. Such questions (depending of the child’s age) might include: “How do you like school so far?” “Tell me about your teacher.” Tell me about the kids in your class.””What do you like the most about your school day?” “What do you like the lease?”
Regardless of what your child tells you, listen respectfully and encourage your child to problem solve and expect that situations can improve with time and work. Be a good listener and try not to negate your child’s opinions but at the same time offer some other ways of thinking about the situation.
Helping Children Get a Good Stat to the School Year
The end of summer and back to school can be a time of stress for parents and children. the American Psychological Assoication offers suggestions for families transitioning back to the school year. They include practicing the first day of school routine, getting to know your neighbors, talking to your child, empathizing with your children, and getting involved and asking for help.
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Read Article: American Psychological Association

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